Machete Movie

Director Robert Rodriguez is working Machete, a thriller action movie based on a script he wrote. The film can boast an impressive ensemble cast with Danny Trejo in the lead role. The movie Machete is set for a release on April 16, 2010.

Here below a first teaser poster featuring Jessica Alba as Satana in the movie Machete:

(Click on the poster to enlarge it.)

Machete Movie

“Machete is a renegade former ‘Mexican Federale’. He roams the streets of Texas after a shakedown from drug lord Torrez. Benz, a spin doctor, tells Machete that McLaughlin, a corrupt senator, is sending hundreds of illegal immigrants out of the country and that he must be killed. He offers him $150,000 to kill McLaughlin. Attempting to assassinate the senator, Machete is double-crossed and is shot in the neck. Now on the run and being tracked by Sartana, a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent with a special interest in the blade slinger, Machete goes after Benz and his men with the help of his holy brother Padre, a saucy meat cleaver-wielding taco slinger named Luz, and April, a socialite with a penchant for guns.”

– Danny Trejo as Machete
– Michelle Rodriguez as Luz, a saucy taco slinger (a saucy employee of Taco Bell the Tex-Mex chain?)
– Lindsay Lohan as April, A socialite with a penchant for guns
– Cheech Marin as Padre del Toro, Machete’s “holy” brother that helps him
– Jessica Alba as Sartana, an immigration customs enforcement agent who is tracking him down
– Robert De Niro as Senator McLaughlin, the corrupt Senator
– Steven Seagal as Torrez, a drug lord

With such a great cast it would be a shame if the movie Machete turns out to be a poor flick… Let’s hope they will do this one right, because there is some real potential in the story of Machete!

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