Machine Gun Preacher Movie

Machine Gun Preacher MovieActor Gerard Butler got the lead role in Machine Gun preacher, an upcoming action movie based on the true story of Sam Childers (pictured above), a biker preacher-defender of Sudanese orphans. The film is directed by Marc Forster. It should be released sometime in 2011. Here’s a first look at Gerard Butler as the Machine Gun Preacher

Machine Gun Preacher Trailer

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Gerard Butler Machine Gun Preacher

Plot of the Machine Gun Preacher:
“Sam Childers has always been a fighter. Born to a violent father and a mother of great faith, his life was a contradiction. With an affinity for drugs and women, the angry young man grew into a drug-dealing biker. But that was then. Nowadays Sam-along with the cadre of Sudanese soldiers he employs-spends his time in the most dangerous parts of Sudan and Uganda rescuing the youngest victims of war, orphans and child-soldiers. His mission is simple: save the children, no matter the cost.”

Gerard Butler sounds enthusiast about his role:

The true story of Sam Childers is quite inspiring, I definitely want to watch the movie Machine Gun Preacher when it comes out in theaters!

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  1. John Barrett

    I know Sam Childers personally and i can rell you that he is as passionate about his church as he is about the orphanage he built.
    He changed my life and thats a fact!!