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Mad Max 4 MovieDirector George Miller is considering to develop Mad Max 4 as an animated movie. Such a move would increase the odds of a fourth Mad Max movie to come out. Miller has been facing so many hurdles since his first attempt to produce Mad Max 4 in 2003: financial hurdle, Mel Gibson stating that he wouldn’t reprise his role and so on… So going animated would be a way out for Miller: an animated movie costs indeed less to produce and Miller could get rid of Mel Gibson, a former great actor who had the lead role in Mad Max but who since turned into a religious zealot.

Mad Max 4 Movie Trailer

The universe of Mad Max is set in a post-apocalyptic world in which oil has become so scarce that people are ready to kill for it and in which civilization has collapsed, giving a free reign to barbarous gangs of road punks. Just watch this original trailer of the movie Mad Max:

Miller is likely to call Japanese talents to help to develop Mad Max 4:

George Miller

The anime is an opportunity for me to shift a little bit about what anime is doing because anime is ripe for an adjustment or sea change. It’s coming in games and I believe it’s the same in anime. There’s going to be a hybrid anime where it shifts more towards Western sensibilities. [Japanese filmmaker Akira] Kurosawa was able to bridge that gap between the Japanese sensibilities and the West and make those definitive films.
[…]I’ve always loved anime, in particular the Japanese sensibility. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do.

George Miller

Quite glad that Mad Max is going to integrate a manga dimension. Much better perspective than a Mad Max 4 movie with an old Mel Gibson!

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  1. andy75

    mad max 4 needs to happen even if mell gibbson is too old.
    mad max got me through thick and thin.

  2. Interceptor888

    Mel Gibson is the only person who can play this character since he has always been the leading man in all the movies. His unique persona adds to the character of Max Rockatansky. Anyone else would be a cheap imitation of what Mel Gibson has created. Mel probably looks down on the role somewhat (in my opinion) given his other ventures like directing such awesome movies.

    I could not watch a Mad Max movie without him.

  3. j w

    ..why anime??? i hate least do one more (real)mad max with mel gibson before he really gets too old geez.. no one will like the new max especially a bloody cartoon…everyone would just love one more mad max with mel… not shity anime geeez’

  4. Nick

    Mel Gibson got me all P.O.’d after his anti-semetic rants and Passion of the Christ.

    But! If he does this, all will be forgiven. Or not really. But still!

    I’ll take it either way as long as it has both Bruce Spence and Mel Gibson. Please, please, PLEASE!

    Max is one of my favorite characters of all time! It’s gotta be Mel Gibson.

    The Gyro Captain IS my favorite character of all time! Gotta have the Spence, man.

  5. Tom Millan

    Doing a Mad Max 4 as an anime flick would be a major slap in the face to all Mad Max fans out there. I’m serious. None of us waited 24 years for a cartoon. This is preposterous. A fourth installment as a cartoon would flush the franchise down the toilet. Miller is an excellent director but I desperately hope that he doesn’t undertake this option of Anime. Anime is good stuff, but not for a Mad Max movie. My friend worships the Anime, which is fine, but please Miller don’t put the fourth installment as a cartoon. A cartoon can never replace real action, real adrenaline, real explosions, real machines and real stunts- never. Never.

    As far as Gibson being the only Max is concerned, I tend to disagree. He may have put persona and intrigue into Max, but what’s to say that another actor couldn’t add or enhance Max even more. I saw Clive Owen in “The International” and “Shoot Em Up” and he reminded me of Max in some ways- even moreso in “The International”. He would be a good fit for Max, plus Russel Crowe too. In my opinion Mad Max made Gibson and not the other way around. If Gibson didn’t take the role as Max in “Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior”, some other Australian actor would have gotten fame in America. The reason is because “Mad Max 2″ was simply a good and original story for it’s time. Mad Max 2 was ahead of it’s time in cinema which was a revolutionary film causing spawns of other film makers to imitate it’s ultra violence and stunts. It was good writing and good directing. Gibson played a hand in it, true, but only a hand. The script writing and character made Gibson. Everybody wants Gibson as Max or they’ll take nothing. I understand but do not sympathize- considering that Gibson doesn’t really care about the Mad Max fans and what they want. He doesn’t care about what his fans want or need. Gibson let us down. Harrison Ford didn’t let his Indiana Jones fans down.

  6. kuandio

    I agree, although I really like anime from Japan, but in this case, to make it serious and so that a lot of people in this country and around the world want to watch it, it has to be done with real people. I’m sure they could find someone who could do a really good job with the Mad Max role, maybe the next Heath Ledger from Australia or something,, BUT, what is most important will be the story. I think they should make it pretty dark, a lot of desperation, but balance that out with strength. The anime movie would also be great, if they were to make one, they could release it 6 months before or after the other and maybe, maybe that will be a success. Adios

  7. bigpapi69

    Mad Max 4 needs to happen no matter what. I would pefer the movie instead of a cartoon. Even if Mel can’t play Max get somebody else who will Russel Crowe, Hugh Jackman, Robert Downey, etc… The movie is more important than whoever plays in it.

  8. AdobeDroid

    I agree with half of what TomMillan said. I did not wait 27 years for a f**king cartoon. I’m still waiting for DVD Special Editions of The Road Warrior and Beyond Thunderdome, never mind a box set of the trilogy…

    As for the role of Max – there is NO one other than Mel Gibson that can play the part. Period; end of discussion.

    If they make Mad Max 4: Fury Road as a cartoon or a film without Mel, I will not waste my money on it…

  9. Stinky foot

    no cartoon for Mad Max 4 No!
    NO please no!
    Don’t do it! what did happy feet do to you… nooo!

  10. Toecutter

    Heath was going to play the ” Ferrule Kid ” do any of you fans remember this?
    They were going to shoot in Africa but 9/11 happened and they got cold feet due to the possibility of an terrorist attack. Plz bring this back George! Don’t let this die out and don’t do the cartoon version of our Mad Max franchise.

  11. Eric Banner

    Why not have me as the lead, I am a Mad Max patriot and grew up with it, the fact ist I have a XB Coupe (as every body should know) and am True Blue Australian through and through, it’s the only choice. You cannot down grade an epic movie for some out of sinc Jap crap cartoon. Bring back the MAX bigger, better and stay with the story line such as, the xb hardtops (One of the best Aussie Muscle cars ever built) not this new age drifting razor blade crap or mod turbo, just stay with the xb coupes and monaro’s, Stay with the winning formula…..

  12. joe parato

    this is the age of the reboot! I mean, they even rebooted the HULK instead of make a direct sequel. why not just RE-BOOT mad max? and start over! call it MAD MAX!

  13. Tom Millan

    Maybe they should just rethink this whole idea and maybe put the franchise to rest instead of driving it into the ground. A cartoon or reboot or sequel/ prequel or remake with some pencil neck actor like Ed Norton who played Will Graham in “Red Dragon” for example would just screw the franchise into the ground. So maybe they should just leave it at Thunderdome and not touch it again. It’s been way too long anyway.

  14. AdobeDroid

    I do not think a reboot is necessary in Max’s case. The main reason they did a reboot/remake on the second HULK movie was because the storyline in the first movie s**ked so bad and most people hated it. That’s not the case with the Mad Max trilogy. Again, I agree with Tom Millan – doing something without Mel Gibson involved would be like doing an Aliens movie without Sigourney Weaver, sending it down the same slippery slope as the “new” Alien vs Predator movies. If they can’t get Mel involved, don’t do it. I would be more than happy to lay the Max franchise to rest if they would just release special edition DVDs of The Road Warrior and Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome, and Warner Brothers can throw in a boxed set of the triology while they’re at it…

  15. Outback Joe

    Yeah, I agree. You can’t do a cartoon! That’s crazy!!! Just wait on Mel Gibson. Still wish he could drive another Interceptor XB GT even though it crashed and burned in The Road Warrior. Bad ass car!!! Even if you do a remake of the original…well it will be awesome as so many young kids today haven’t ever seen any of the original films. Only problem is…most teens seem to love those stupid “gooter” jap rocket rice pods. Who knows, maybe it will inspire them to buy a V8 pony car???!!! The remake has to be of the “Road Warrior” though and not Mad Max. Thought it was a better movie. Besides, that gyro pilot guy(Bruce Spence) is still alive and appears on the medieval tv show as a sorcerer/magician today in “Legend Of The Seeker”!!! Be cool to see him in the movie again too!!!

  16. AdobeDroid

    No f*@#king cartoons. No f*@#king remakes. No f*@#ing way.

  17. Baraborn Lyongod

    I think its a good idea. Make an anime, to show Mel how much people still love the franchise, make the movie really awesome, showing what happens next to Max, leading up to the 4th and final installment in live action with Mel Gibson and Bruce Spence (were Mad Max, lives happily ever after or dies).

  18. Jerome

    I love Mad Max. Bring us a live action sequel and please, please, please don’t use Mel Gibson as Max. He is too old. After seeing the mess Indiana Jones was, I agree that sometimes we need actors under 50 for those high energy action roles to be believed.

    • IrishLion

      @Jerome: Indiana Jones was a college professor…he was supposed to be a little older. i thought Harrison Ford was perfect in all of those movies. I remember they remade Star Trek and it looked like a bunch of kids playing Astronauts in deep space….poor casting.

  19. Chris

    Please finish this story. I have watched this trilogy hundreds of times since i was a child and there is no other actor for Max. Mel Gibson must finish this role. If George Miller is struggling to get the movie produced just look at the buzz around this movie. The only way to finish Max is with Mel.

    This movie will bomb without Mel. Please do not let that happen. Is there any way we can all write to someone with all of this. Keep emailing George Miller or something. There has to be a way.

  20. AI

    I have been saying for years that this movie should move to POST Mel Gibson in that it should be about his son. This would suggest a eventual happy ending for Max in that he was able to settle down and have a son – perhaps he found the city the children reached in Mad Max 3. The son can be torn between following this world and his father’s distant past, but finally decides to form a new police force to try to allow for the further rebuilding of the society, but is confronted by the same powers of chaos. I think Ben Browder from Farscape should play his son! We need someone with his the cocky attitude he displayed in Farscape.

  21. Jimo Mccarthy

    please use your brain and do it in australia and start the movie where the old one finished off.You dont need Mel to make a great movie just a ford xb coupe and a shortage of petrol like in the second movie, thanks.

  22. lumpy

    It is unbelieveable that they would do an anime of max. It is an insult to the cult following of the movie genre that we all have loved since the seventies. Whoever thinks it would be a good flick is seriously a fucked up individual

  23. chris

    Right on Lumpy!! This trilogy has a massive following, and was never finished. I know i am repeating myself but Mel must finish this story. There must be a way to send mass e-mails to Miller on how we all feel. I’m sure this is not the way he really wants to finish this story. We are all still hanging from Thunderdome. There are so many questions still unanswered. Please do not ruin this story.


    I disagree with everyone here, be it Anime, or live action the original actors are too old and wrinkly to be playing there former parts the only choice for live action is a complete reboot, WHICH I will support, or an Anime version starting with the first one……and we can pretend the Interceptor never got blow’ed up and the Tina Turner incident never happened …okay?

  25. MFP-351

    As a original Mad Max fan, i think a believable storyline for the 4th movie would be to introduce the “Dark One” (in the screenplay of Mad Max the Dark One was originally Max’s partner but the character was scrapped before production) therefore not needing Mel Gibson. The character could be younger and maybe have his own “fuel-injected suicide machine”. I think Max and “The last of the V8 Interceptors” cannot be replaced and should be remembered for the entertainment these movies still bring us today. As for George Miller’s thoughts about making a cartoon for the next movie; He forgets the LIVE stunts, explosions,driving skills, sweat, bruises and the Australian outback that made these movies such a worldwide box office smash. “As for the Road Warrior, he now lives in my memory”

  26. mad josh

    I just want to say, “Sam Worthington, You are worthy of this mantle”

  27. Jakcle

    if you cant get Mel Gibson to play the leading role again then dont even bother making the movie, he was the guy that made all 3 movies worthy of watching, not only that but he was the one that made those movies enjoyable, he IS Mad Max… anyone else playing that lead role would be an insult to every road warrior fan thats still around.


    Oh Jesus, If Mad Max 4 is going to be a cartoon then i refuse to see it…what an awful idea. As for some other actor playing Max, huh, forget it…if the movie hasn’t got Mel as Max then i’ll find something else to watch thank you very much.

    As for The Dark One, well, i’m kind of interested in that idea, .like what was he doing during the events of Mad Max?….that story line i’d be keen on seeing BUT i don’t think it should be called Mad Max purely because Mel is Max and without Mel there is no Max.

  29. Darkman

    I agree with IRONBAR. Mel is true Max and there is no others. If George wants to make new movie without Mel, no problem. But I think that is not good idea, because people are alredy got used on Mel Gibson in Mad Max trilogy. They like him. He is great actor. So if he does not want to play Max in 4th part of the film, it is better that the movie never actually came out. I am very sorry for that but I think that it is the best way.

  30. Lord Vader

    Just pleasssee don’t let it be anywhere close to MM Beyond Thunderdome. We don’t need mo’ Gap Kids and villains being hit over the head with iron skillets. Oh, and if you bring back the Gyro Captain, they must recognize each other.

  31. arthur zaoutsos

    mel and gyro man must return do not make movie until they are ready

  32. David

    Hi been a Christian I do not only look at Madmaxs 1& 2 as most people see it. I look at it more what the last days well be like. Yes this is note in intro of the move but how many people have really taken notice of it. Also Jesus is returning on a white horse so the bible says. Now a Mustang is a white horse. Jesus is returning in a fully blowen Mustang.

  33. IrishLion

    Heavy Metal was pretty badass for a cartoon movie …. i could actually see it working for Mad Max. Especially if you dont have Mel for the role…might as well animate…maybe he wold do the voice over?? They already disgraced Arnold w that Total Recall nonsense….please stop the Hollywood regurgitation machine unless they use the OG actors. thats why they didnt regurgitate Ghostbusters yet, cause Bill Murray has in in writing.

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