Made of Honor New Preview Clips

New preview clips have been released for Made of hnor, upcoming romantic comedy starring Patrick Dempsey and Michelle Monaghan:

Meet me there!
Tom (Patrick Dempsey) gets ready to see Hannah (Michelle Monaghan), but gets a big shock.

Out of nowhere…
Hannah (Michelle Monaghan) and Colin (Kevin McKidd) tell Tom (Patrick Dempsey) the story of their engagement.

Man behind the curtain.
Felix (Kadeem Hardison) encourages Tom (Patrick Dempsey) to stop the wedding from the inside.

Steal the bride!
The guys test Tom (Patrick Dempsey) to ready him to win over Hannah.

Whatever it takes…
Hannah (Michelle Monaghan) tells Tom (Patrick Dempsey) who the other bridesmaids are.

Party Mix.
Tom (Patrick Dempsey) forces his buddies to help put together gift baskets for the wedding shower.

Much more at:Made of Honor

The woman he loves is going to marry someone else! Can understand he’s ready to do anything to change this!

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