Made of Honor Patrick Dempsey Plate Juggler

Made of HonorI didn’t know Patrick Dempsey was a juggler! Or is it one more visual trick from Hollywood?

Tom (Patrick Dempsey) is a plate juggler!

More clips on: Made of Honor Trailer

If he ever wanted to change vocation Patrick Dempsey could still apply for a job in a circus.

2 Responses - “Made of Honor Patrick Dempsey Plate Juggler”

  1. Chris Fowler

    Actually, Dempsey was indeed a juggler, and even competed in a juggling competition when he was younger! Pretty cool, I think. But then, being a juggler myself, I’m a bit biased:)

  2. Jager

    No Hollywood magic here, just straight up Dempsey. He placed second in 1982 at the IJA, next to Anthony Gatto, who is now by far the best juggler in the world.

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