Madtown movie starring Milo Ventimiglia

A new banner poster for Madtown, the upcoming drama thriller movie written and directed by Charles Moore and starring Milo Ventimiglia:

(Click on the poster to enlarge.)


The past can be a dangerous place to go.

A film by Charles Moore.

Plot synopsis:
“A stand-up comedian (Milo Ventimiglia) confesses to a murder on-stage at an open mic night to a shocked audience – his crime the result of a deadly triangle formed between his older sister, just released from prison after a 20-year stay for the murder of their parents, the loving bond he now shares with a caring surrogate family, and the ultimate choice he must make between them – his dysfunctional blood ties with his own sister, or his picturesque view of the ideal family.”

Any fan of Milo Ventimiglia out there? Are you impatient to see the film?

Besides Milo Ventimiglia, the cast also includes Rachel Melvin, John Billingsley, Bonita Friedericy, and Amanda Aday.

No official release date yet.

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