Maggie’s Plan Movie

Thanks to Sony Pictures here’s a first official look at Ethan Hawke and Greta Gerwig in Maggie’s Plan, the upcoming comedy movie written and directed by Rebecca Miller:

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Plot synopsis:
“Maggie (Greta Gerwig) wants a baby, but she’s never sustained a relationship longer than six months. She solicits a sperm donation from a Brooklyn pickle entrepreneur — no strings attached — but has hardly even begun the artificial-insemination process when she consummates a budding romance with John (Ethan Hawke), an unhappily married academic.”
Maggie’s rejuvenating enthusiasm lures John away from his wife, domineering Danish critical theorist Georgette Norgaard (Julianne Moore), and the two settle down and have a daughter together. Everything has gone according to Maggie’s plan — so why isn’t she happy? And what sort of meddlesome scheme will she concoct next?”

Great Gerwig is pretty but why for God’s sake would someone leave Julianne Moore for her? Julianne Moore is way prettier!

Besides Greta Gerwig and Ethan Hawke, the cast also includes Julianne Moore, Bill Hader, Maya Rudolph, and Travis Fimmel.

Listen to the film crew in this video:

Maggie’s Plan World Premiere Q&A with Ethan Hawke
The Q&A Features Ethan Hawke, Greta Gerwig, and Julianne Moore

The release date of Maggie’s Plan is set to May 20, 2016.

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