Making Of Avatar

The Making of AvatarHere’s a series of new featurettes showing the making of James Cameron’s Avatar:

Avatar Trailer

The design of Avatar – Na’Vi

I really that first featurette, they show how they manage to breathe life into the Na’Vi, Avatar’s blue aliens!

More featurettes of Avatar below:

The design of Avatar – The Banshee

The design of Avatar – Thanator

The design of Avatar – The Scorpion

The Design of Avatar – The A.M.P. Suit

The Design of Avatar – The Samson

When the Blu-Ray of Avatar will be released, the Making of feature will be as interesting as the movie itself!

2 Responses - “Making Of Avatar”

  1. Gary

    Geez, when was that first clip filmed? Stan Winston has been dead for a year and a half.

  2. brij

    awesome movie, top 1!