Manhattan Undying Movie trailer

Manhattan Undying Movie 2016You may watch below the first official trailer of Manhattan Undying, the upcoming romantic vampire drama movie directed by Babak Payami and starring Luke Grimes and Sarah Roemer

Plot synopsis:
“Max is a talented young painter with a cult following for his hyper-realist style. Frustrated, he is squandering his life with drugs and excess until he learns that he has only weeks to live with advanced lung cancer. He decides to work on one last masterpiece instead of clinging to life with chemo and treatment. Vivian is a beautiful vampire preying on men who objectify women. She yearns to see her herself and understand the infatuation of her victims. Vivian and Max’s paths cross when she appears in his studio so he can paint her portrait. Max seeks to find immortality in his final work inspired by Vivian while Vivian struggles to model for him. Their deep understanding and common plight develops into an impossible love. They both face a challenge of choosing between immortality or eternal love.”

Sarah Roemer sure makes for a beautiful and sexy vampiress! I’d totally let her bite me and turn me into a vampire, lol!

Anyway, two new posters:

(Click on a poster to enlarge.)


Art is eternal. So is she.

The film has yet to get an official US release date (but is already available on iTunes UK).

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