Martin Scorsese’s Silence

There’s a first official poster for Martin Scorsese’s Silence, the upcoming drama movie starring Andrew Garfield, Adam Driver, Liam Neeson, Ciaran Hinds, and Tadanobu Asano:

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A Martin Scorsese picture.

Plot synopsis:
‘The story of two Christian missionaries (Andrew Garfield and Adam Driver) who face the ultimate test of faith when they travel to Japan in search of their missing mentor (Liam Neeson) – at a time when Christianity was outlawed and their presence forbidden.”

There are also two new pictures:

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Andrew Garfield - Silence MovieLiam Neeson - Silence Movie

With his wild beard and his unkempt hair Andrew Garfield looks like the bastard child of Jesus Christ and Jim Morrison (the lead singer of The Doors).

Release date: December 23, 2016.

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