Meet the Blacks Movie Trailer

Meet the Blacks movieYou may watch below the full trailer of Meet the Blacks, the upcoming parody comedy movie which spoofs The Purge:


This April the Blacks are here to stay!

April 29, the purge is black!

Plto synopsis:
“When the Black family inherits one million dollars, they leave Detroit and all their debts and problems behind for a better life in Beverly Hills. But what they don’t know is that it’s the annual purge night in Beverly Hills, where all crime is legal for twelve hours.”

The film is directed by Deon Taylor and the cast includes Mike Epps, Zulay Henao, Bresha Webb, George Lopez, Gary Owen, Lil Duval, Mike Tyson, Tiny Cottle, Perez Hilton, Paul Mooney, and Charlie Murphy .

A few words from Director Deon Taylor about the film:

“Meet the Blacks’ takes spoofing to a new level and is pure cinematic fun for audiences who just want to laugh. This movie assembles a very diverse comedy all-star team that delivers on this promise – in a big way. We truly feel it has all the ingredients for a breakout hit.”

Director Deon Taylor

Well, the new trailer is definitely hilarious, can’t wait to see the film!

The movie Meet the Blacks will be released in theaters on April 29, 2016.

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