Megatron Transformers 5 The Last Knight

Director Michael Bay revealed that Megatron is back (meaning still around) in Transformers 5 aka Transformers The Last Knight. He even shared a short teaser video announcement:

Transformers 5 – Megatron is back
It’s starting. This week production. Megatron is back. #transformers #decepticons#

Megatron’s face looks larger than it used to, nope? Did he get fat?

By the way part of the film will be shot in Cuba:

Transformers 5 – Michael Bay in Cuba
There’s a Robot in there.

We also learned that Actor Josh Duhamel is set to reprise his role as Lt. Colonel William Lennox.

Anyway, let’s hope a plot synopsis will be released soon, because plot details are really scarce for now…

The movie Transformers 5 will hit theaters on June 23, 2017.

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