Men Who Stare At Goats Preview Clips

Men Who Stare At Goats MovieA new series of clips of Men Who Stare At Goats, the upcoming dark comedy starring George Clooney and Jeff bridges, has been released:

Men Who Stare At Goats Movie

Men who stare at goats – Be all you can be
Bill (Jeff Bridges) lectures the New Earth Army on the importance of being the first superpower with superpowers.

Men who stare at goats – Choke Me
Lyn (George Clooney) supposedly gets inside Bob’s (Ewan McGregor) head to deflect an attack.

“A reporter in Iraq might just have the story of a lifetime when he meets Lyn Cassady, a guy who claims to be a former member of the U.S. Army’s First Earth Battalion, a unit that employs paranormal powers in their missions.”

More clips of Men Who Stare At Goats below:

Men who stare at goats – Tin Mug
Bill (Jeff Bridges) tests the telepathic skills of Lyn (George Clooney) and Larry (Kevin Spacey).

Men who stare at goats – Cloud Bursting
Lyn (George Clooney) gets distracted while doing some cloud bursting.

The movie Men Who Stare At Goats can boast an impressive cast:
– George Clooney as Lyn Cassidy, former member of the First Earth batalion, a military unit whose members are said to have paranormal abilities
– Erwan McGregor as a journalist
– Jeff bridges as Bill Django, the founder of the psychic soldier program
– Kevin Spacey as Larry Hooper, a former psychic soldier who is running a prison camp in iraq
– Rebecca Mader as Helen

The Men Who Stare Goats are like pioneers learning about mind power: they’re the first step to a real Jedi order!

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