Michael Bay Transformers 3 Movie

Transformers 3 Michael BayDirector Michael Bay is teasing us about Transformers 3 in a secret video on the blu-ray disc of Transformers Revenge of the Fallen:

Transformers 3 Michael Bay

Transformers 3 – Michael Bay

So Michael Bay is half-jokingly telling “lies”:
– Transformers 3 won’t be bigger, it will go sideways…
– Bumbleebe would have more screen time
– Bay would like to develop the robot characters

Actually what he’s saying does sound like something reliable. And it fits with what Producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura said earlier about Transformers 3. So don’t expect Unicron in transformers 3, that’s clear.

And i think it’s a good think that Michael Bay wants to balance the franchise in favor of the characters: we love action, but we need more perspective than in the second opus.

Anyway, Transformers 3 is already in pre-production and is tentatively scheduled for a release in July 2011.

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