Michael Fassbender Centurion

We’ve got two new pictures of Neil Marshall’s Centurion:

Centurion Movie

Michael Fassbender - Centurion Movie
A Roman centurion (Michael Fassbender), who was made prisoner, is running from savage Pict horsemen.

Roman platoon in Centurion MovieA Roman platoon facing the enemy.

When I watch the picture of the scene with Michael Fassbender running I realize that we’re living in a much more peaceful time than before! Having furry savages running after you in the forest: scary! Those asserting that our ancestors were wiser than we are today are just wrong! Thank you God for civilization has evolved a lot (and for the best!) since those dark ages!

One Response - “Michael Fassbender Centurion”

  1. Meister

    Interesting. So modern day people are wiser than our forbearers.
    Let’s not mistake knowledge for wisdom. It seems to me that your sheltered upbringing has blinded you to the realities of the world. We have simply replaced axes, swords, and arrows with more horrific tools of destruction such as the machine gun, landmines, and Hydrogen bombs. One does not have to look very hard to find atrocities happening everyday; Gangs shooting people in the streets, terrorists blowing up busses, soldiers slaughtering children and raping women en masse. One need not even look for examples outside the United States in an era where passenger jets are used as weapons.
    Yes, all hail ‘civilization.’