Mighty Mouse Movie

Mighty Mouse MovieGet ready for a Mighty Mouse movie! Yep, according to the LA Times Paramount Studios want to make a Mighty Mouse movie adapted from the popular cartoon of the same name.

Here’s the theme song of the animated series:


It’s not clear yet if they’re considering some hybrid live/animation like Alvin and the Chipmunks, or a movie in full CGI. But I’m quite sure that it’s gonna be in 3D…

Anyway, should get more details soon!

2 Responses - “Mighty Mouse Movie”

  1. xino

    wtf!? is this the same Mighty Mouse I watched back at kid?
    the intro I remember was some guy shouting “Mighty Mighty, Mighty Mouse!”

    don’t forget another one Adam Ant.

    There’s this other show like mighty mouse, but that super hero was tiny

  2. Andre R. Mickey Lambert

    wow use to watch that show on T.V. that is going to be super to see