Milla Jovovich Resident Evil 4

Alice Clones - Resident Evil IVActress Milla Jovovich has been talking about the upcoming Resident Evil 4 movie. And we learn that Alice won’t be alone to fight against the zombies and against the company: her clones sisters will be involved in this new Resident Evil movie! Here’s what Milla Jovovich said (via Bloody Disgusting, here):

Resident Evil 4 in 3D with Alice Clones

“Let’s just say this. The clones are definitely in it. You’ve got multiple Alice’s kicking serious butt. And definitely the real Alice has some pretty major things happen to her that change the stakes a little bit. That’s probably all I can give you in a vague sort of way. It’s definitely going to be a different Alice than who we’re used to.”

Milla Jovovich

Not only the movie Resident Evil 4 will introduce Alice’s clones but it will also be in 3D! Zombie slaying is gonna reach a whole new level in RE4, aka Resident Evil 4 Afterlife!

2 Responses - “Milla Jovovich Resident Evil 4”

  1. holly thorne

    I am a serious fan of res.e. and i will never get bored of it and the best character is Milla Jovovich

  2. Rajatt

    Resident Evil is surely a must watch. I’m a great fan of her ;-) love her seriously. Milla is the best but she was not so pretty in the last sequel but it will never decrease my love seriously.