Mirrors 2 Movie

20th Century Fox has greenlit the production of a movie sequel to Mirrors, the remake horror movie starring Kiefer Sutherland. Mirrors 2 will be directed by Victor Garcia (who once brought us Return to the House on Haunted Hill). The film will be based on a script by Matt Venne. Surprisingly there is already a synopsis online:

“After losing his fiancee in a car crash, for which he blames himself, suicidal Max Matheson reluctantly takes a job as a night watchman at his father’s Mayflower Department Store. When his co-workers are killed off in gruesome and horrible ways and Max begins to see a mysterious young woman in all the store’s mirrors, desperate to communicate with him, he fears he’s losing his mind, or that he may be the next victim.”

Filming of Mirrors 2 is set to start in November, so the movie will probably be released in Summer or Fall 2010.

I wonder if Mirrors 2 will come up with a scene as gruesome as that creepy bathtub scene from the first film:

Mirrors Bathtub Scene
Gonna put a towel on my bedroom mirror… Just in case…

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  1. sophie barker

    i think that this film is really good but i dont like the bit were she rips her jaw off
    however this film is really clever

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