Mission Impossible 4 Movie

Mission Impossible IV MovieJ.J. Abrams is set to produce the movie Mission Impossible 4. It’s been confirmed via magazine TV Guide:

J.J. Abrams - Mission Impossible 4 Movie

“I am incredibly honored that Tom Cruise has invited me back as producer on Mission Impossible 4. Tom and I have come up with a really cool idea we are pursuing.”it’s not a literal sequel.

J.J. Abrams

Tom Cruise knows to chose the best on the market and wants to compound on the success they both had with the third opus of the Mission Impossible movie series. I’m confident that JJ Abrams and Tom Cruise will surprise us with Mission Impossible IV.

More details at: Mission Impossible 4 Movie Trailer

By the way any suggestion for the plot of Mission Impossible 4?

Update: the movie Mission Impossible 4 is now officially set for a release in 2011.

5 Responses - “Mission Impossible 4 Movie”

  1. Ryan Mercer

    “Not a literal sequel”? I hope that doesn’t mean a prequel. Regardless, with JJ on board, I’m looking forward to this one! And Tom really knocked it out of the park with “Valkyrie”, so I think this could be really good?

  2. Jack Pitt

    I think it will be good if tom cruise is a spy on a Russian sub that is planing to attack New York to start world war three but Tom Cruise tacks over the sub and tries to stop it from going to new york he turns it around, then he calls the army to try to stop world war 3 from happening.

  3. jin

    you serious a sub on the way to attack new york sounds dull not enough excitement for me

  4. J

    I think it would be cool if ethan goes undercover and tries to stop someone from blowing up a world leaders meeting. My suggestions for places are somewhere exotic like hawaii, another place could be the mall of america maybe a shootout in camp snoopy and on the log ride.

  5. Steve

    He is given a mission in which he has to stop and or kill the president because its been identified that he’s a plant from a subversive government (like maybe North Korea) looking to have a puppet in the highest office in the United States?