Monster Trucks Movie

Paramount is developing a Monster Trucks movie! The film should mix CGI and live-action settings. They’ve got a $100 million budget. Director Chris Wedge (who helmed Ice Age) has been hired: he will direct the film based on a script by Jonathan Aibel and Glenn Berger. They’re eyeing a 2015 release.

For those who don’t know what monster trucks are, well, they’re modified pick-up trucks with extremely large wheels and suspension. A youtube video showing monster trucks doing what they do best:

Monster trucks are big and loud, they’re like giant beasts! They make for great entertainment, don’t they? But let’s hope they won’t be as loud in the movie because my ears could not withstand such noise levels in a movie theater, LoL!

What do you think of Paramount’s plan to develop a movie based on monsters trukcs? Great idea or yet a new low for Hollywood? And what could possibly be the plot of the film? Any idea? Share your thoughts below!

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