Monster vs Aliens Trailer Superbowl 2009

Go get your 3D glasses if you don’t have any yet because you’re going to need them in order to fully enjoy the 3D trailer of Monsters vs Aliens that will be shown during the Superbowl 2009:

Monster vs Aliens Superbowl Trailer in 3D

Don’t miss this Superbowl Monster vs Aliens trailer on February 1rst, 2009!

Not yet confirmed but we may also expect a Superbowl GI Joe movie trailer. I love the Superbowl! Well, I actually only love the Superbowl commercials: I’m too lazy to even watch sport on TV…

Here’s the Superbowl trailer of Monsters vs Aliens:

Gorgeous! Dreamworks rules! I definitely have to go watch Monsters vs Aliens in 3D in my city’s IMAX theater!

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