Monsters Inc Sequel

Monsters Inc Movie SequelThe much awaited sequel to Monsters Inc has been confirmed via Variety. Disney Pixar even told them the release date: the movie Monsters Inc 2 is set to be released on November 16, 2012.

Monsters Inc 2 Trailer

No official plot yet, but according to the rumor a grown-up Boo who’s forgotten the monsters would go back to Monstropolis… Boo in Monstropolis 2… yep sounds like Alice in Wonderland 2… Let’s hope for something different…

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  1. Rachel Herndon

    My daughter is so in love with Monsters Inc! The first thing she says in the morning when she wakes up is “Inc! Inc!” As popular as this movie was when it released, I am having the hardest time with finding any good variety of Monsters Inc merchandise…

    Anyway I also think that it’d be interesting to see how Sully would cope in the Human world without scaring anyone. What if Sully and Mike slipped through Boo’s door and got loose out in society? Do they still call her Boo in the Human world? where in the world is Boo from?

    I really don’t want this movie to turn out like an Alice in Wonderland tale, I along with others would love to have this movie keep it’s originality =)