Monsters vs Aliens Dreamworks

Kid won’t be afraid of monsters anymore, ugly aliens will take over their infamous role. Indeed with Monsters vs Aliens, the latest Dreamworks movie, monsters are going to save the day, and by doing so, will conquer our kids’ hearts!

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Monsters vs Aliens in 3DMONSTERS vs ALIENS

Saving the day the monster way.

Dreamworks - Monsters vs AliensMONSTERS vs ALIENS

A monstrous 3D event!

Those monsters are cool, aren’t they? Don’t miss the superbowl trailer of Monsters vs Aliens on Sunday, and don’t forget your 3D glasses for this monstrous 3D trailer! But maybe some people won’t need it: I bet that by halftime quite a few will already have a double vision from drinking booze! Cheers!

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