Monsters vs Aliens Movie

Monsters vs Aliens a Dreamworks movieBetween us and the alien invasion there is fortunately a bunch of monsters to protect our back! Below some more preview clips of Monsters vs Aliens:

Really glowing!
As she stands at the altar, Susan begins to grow to an enormous size.

He has no brain
Dr. Cockroach introduces Susan to B.O.B.

More Monsters vs Aliens clips waiting for you:

Female Monster
The Missing Link, Dr. Cockroach and B.O.B. study Susan.

Your monster name
The monsters get to know the new arrival, Susan.

Mad scientist
Susan lets Dr. Cockroach experiment on her.

Susan comes to realize how incredible her new life is.

Cup of Joe
The President reaches the end of his rope.

Here to destroy you.
The monsters see the alien robot for the first time.

I have a plan
Dr. Cockroach and the Missing Link chase after B.O.B. and the alien robot.

Follow my lead
Susan instructs the monsters to be cool in the outside world.

Who is your favorite monster? I really like Dr. Cockroach: I am found of his mad scientist laugh!

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