Most Likely To Die Trailer

Most likely to die 2016Check out this new trailer of Most Likely to Die, the upcoming horror movie directed Anthony DiBla:


Scream or die trying!

Plot synopsis:
“The suspense mounts as one by one, Gaby’s friends are picked off, each murdered in a manner that pays gruesome homage to their yearbook superlatives. As the body count climbs, Gaby’s forced to admit that one of her friends may be a psychotic killer. But who? The Jock? The Class President? The Prankster? With their numbers dwindling, suspicion and mistrust pit friend against friend in a deadly race against time, because at this reunion, it doesn’t matter what you were voted in high school… Everyone is Most Likely To… Die!”

Would you scream if there was some dangerous psychopath trying to kill you? Or would you be quiet and try to get the hell away?

Release date: May 13, 2016.

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