Movie Knowing

Two new posters of Alex Proyas’ Knowing, an upcoming movie starring Nicolas Cage in the lead role:

Knowing Trailer

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Movie Knowing

“A professor (Nicolas Cage) finds that the contents of a time capsule at his son’s elementary school makes predictions of the future that have come true. The predictions lead the teacher to believe the world is ending, and that he and his son are involved in the apocalypse.”

Nicolas Cage is going to save the world! Can he save us from the recession too?

One Response - “Movie Knowing”

  1. bryon

    I saw “Knowing” this Monday and I found it very suspenseful. The 4 men looked like demons but they displayed characteristics of angels at the end. I watched the special features and the director said they were trying to make things seem ambiguous by mixing up some ideas about God. I rented it from Red Box on a snowy night and I was wishing I could watch it on my DISH Network employee system in HD. The picture is so clear and I wouldn’t have had to stop on my way home in the blizzard. Avatar is coming on HBO right now too so I’ll catch that in HD. I don’t have it on Bluray yet only DVD.