The Desperate Hour

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Trailer and Poster of The Desperate Hour starring Naomi Watts

The Desperate Hour Movie (2022)We’ve got our hands on the first official movie trailer of The Desperate Hour, the upcoming thriller movie directed by Phillip Noyce based on a script by Chris Sparling and starring Naomi Watts:

Plot synopsis:
“Unfolding in real-time, THE DESPERATE HOUR is a ‘riveting and pulse pounding’ thriller from award-winning director Phillip Noyce. Recently widowed mother Amy Carr (Academy Award-nominee Naomi Watts) is doing her best to restore normalcy to the lives of her young daughter and teenage son in their small town. As she’s on a jog in the woods, she finds her town thrown into chaos as a shooting takes place at her son’s school. Miles away, on foot in the dense forest, Amy desperately races against time to save her son.”

There’s also a film poster, take a look below:

(Click on the poster to enlarge.)

The Desparate Hour Movie Poster

Do you think mommy will save the day?

The release date of the movie The Desperate Hour is set to February 25, 2022 (in theaters and on VOD).

Stay tuned with us for more details.