10000 BC

10,000 B.C. movie trailer, clips, photos, news and much more!

10000 BC Cast and Director Interviews

Roland Emmerich and the cast of 10000 BC (Camilla Belle and Steven Strait)try to convince us that 10000 BC is a movie worth watching:

10000 BC Roland Emmerich and Cast

I was convinced since a long. So I went to the cinema for this movie: it’s an entertaining movie, but don’t expect overwhelming scenes: the special effects like the 3D reconstitutions are so well done that they get un-noticed because so realistic.

10000 BC New Clips

Many preview clips for 10000 BC, the prehistoric epic movie directed by Roland Emmerich:

10000 BC Clips

Definitely worth a look.

10000 BC Second Trailer

A new trailer is available for 10000 BC.
And there is now denying that this second trailer rocks!

Judge by yourself on:

10000 BC Trailer 2

Those mammoths are so vivid: one could even think that they have revived frozen mammoths from Siberia…

10000 BC Movie Stills

Four beautiful stills from 10000 BC have been added.

You may check them on:

10000 BC Pictures

Roland Emmerich did a great work on this film it seems.

10000 BC New TV Clips

Two new TV spots have been added:

10000 BC TV Spots


10000 BC TV Spots

Six 10000 BC TV Spots

Not sure to seize the difference between the fifth spot and the sixth spot though… ???


10000 BC Preview Clips

Three 10000 BC Preview Clips are available!

They look awesome!

10000 BC

10,000 B.C.
Directed by Roland Emmerich
Starring Camilla Belle,Steven Strait
Release Date: March 7, 2008

More Information at:

10000 BC