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Accidental Husband International Poster

A new international poster of the Accidental Husband, upcoming movie starring Uma Thurman, colin Firth, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan, has been unveiled:
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Accidental Husband International PosterFor her wedding she had planned everything…
Except to get divorced…

One husband too much…

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I am fond of Uma Thurman: my kingdom for a kiss from her!

By the way the poster shows that the cultural paradigm is definitely not the same between Europe and the USA: American posters put emphasis on love but this French poster is not shying away of talking about the implied divorce!

Accidental Husband New Poster and Pushed back To September

The US release of the Accidental Husband, upcoming romantic comedy, has been slightly pushed back from end of August to September 5, 2008.

A new Accidental Husband poster has also shown up:
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Accidental Husband

Accidental Husband

Does this poster mean that Jeffrey Dean Morgan is adept of soft bondage???

Accidental Husband Uma Thurman Is Emma Lloyd

Dr. Emma Lloyd (Uma Thurman)Uma Thurman is a Doctor Lloyd in Accidental Husband: she’s a got a Phd in love and tries to communicate her knowledge through a radio show.

Check the click featuring Dr. Emma Lloyd (Uma Thurman) at:

Accidental Husband Dr Emma Lloyd

You should have watched your mouth Dr. Lloyd: now you’ve got an accidental husband! It serves your right!

Accidental Husband Uma Thurman Posters

Three new posters have been unveiled for the Accidental Husband, upcoming romantic comedy starring Uma Thurman, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Colin Firth:
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Dr. Emma Lloyd is fraud!
Dr. Emma Lloyd is quack!
Dr. Emma Lloyd ruined my life!
A husband.

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I think that Uma Thurman loves to diversify her career between such comedies and more serious movie like the Life before her eyes.

Accidental Husband Trailer 2

Uma Thurman has a big mouth. When she messes with other people’s lifes she is far from imagining what would happen to her as a result… Well, fortunately nothing deadly, but she’s got an accidental husband…

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Accidental Husband

Uma Thrman is a really pretty woman. I would love to be her accidental husband. One may enjoy her acting in Life Before Her Eyes too.

Accidental Husband New Preview Clip

You may watch a new preview of The Accidental Husband:
Accidental Husband Preview Clip

Uma Thurman is so smart! Can’t say as much of Colin Firth who’s kind of a jerk… (I’m jealous and utterly biased, you’re right.)

Accidental Husband

Accidental Husband PosterAccidental Husband
Directed by Griffin Dunne
Starring Uma Thurman, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Colin firth
Release Date: August 22, 2008

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Accidental Husband