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Adventureland Movie Poster Kristen Stewart and Jesse Eisenberg

Here below the first official poster of Adventureland, upcoming comedy movie directed by Greg Mottola (think Superbad):

Adventureland Trailer

Adventureland Movie
It was the worst job they ever imagined…
and the best time of their lives.


from the director of Superbad

Jesse Eisenberg meets Kristen Stewart: and that would a much better match than Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson actually!

Adventureland Movie Trailer by Greg Mottola

Kristen Stewart from Twilight is starring in Adventureland, movie directed by Greg Mottola.

Adventureland is an upcoming comedy / drama movie written and directed by Greg Mottola who once brought us Superbad. The film is starring Ryan Reynolds, Kristen Stewart (from Twilight), Jesse Eisenberg, and Martin Starr. It should be released on March 27, 2009


exciting career opportunities

on-the-job training

inspiring leadership

from the director Surperbad

the worst job ever

the best time of his life


This Spring

“It’s the summer of 1987 and James Brennan, a recent college graduate is looking for a job. He finds the local amusement park and learns it’s the perfect course to prepare him for the real world.” (Source: Wikipedia)

Summer Jobs give a glimpse of real life to teenagers, that’s a good thing. But well, real life just s**ks sometimes…

By the way Kristen Stewart looks really cute in the movie Adventureland, much more beautiful than in Twilight actually!