Alex of Venice

Alex of Venice Movie Trailer

You may watch below the first official trailer of Alex of Venice, the upcoming drama movie directed by Chris mEssina and starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Don Johnson, Derek Luke, Katie Nehra, Skylar Gaertner, and Chris Messina:

“In the directorial debut from Chris Messina, Mary Elizabeth Winstead gives a heartwarming performance as an environmental attorney who finds her workaholic regimen thrown into flux when her husband, George (Chris Messina), asks for a break. For Alex, George has always been the one to take the reins at home. When his unexpected departure dawns as something more permanent, Alex finds herself caught balancing her family’s demands, her aging father, played memorably by Don Johnson, and her ambitious career, which she now struggles to maintain. Soon, Alex is forced to reevaluate her life and discover what she was always too preoccupied to notice. Messina’s assured direction, as accomplished as his own performance, creates an honest portrait of a woman facing unexpected vulnerability in order to find her own strength.”

Women work and men stay at home: the new world we live in is way better than the old one!

Anyway, what do you think of stay at home fathers?

The release date of Alex of Venice is set to April 17, 2015.

Alex of Venice Movie starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead

Take a look to this official poster of Alex of Venice, the upcoming drama movie directed by Chris mEssina and starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead:

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Her life is just starting. Again.

“Workaholic attorney, Alex (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) is forced to reinvent her life after her husband (Chris Messina) suddenly leaves. Now faced with the humdrum and sometimes catastrophic events that permeate the fabric of our lives, Alex discovers both a vulnerability and inner strength she had not yet tapped all while trying to hold together her broken family.”

Actress Mary Elizabeth Winstead looks cute, doesn’t she?

Anyway here’s a picture from the film:

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Chris Messina and Mary Elizabeth Winstead in Alex of Venice

Besides Mary Elizabeth Winstead, the cast also includes Don Johnson, Derek Luke, Katie Nehra, Chris Messina, and Skylar Gaertner.

There’s no official release date yet.