Alexander Ludwig


Blackway MovieBlackway
Genre: Thriller
Directed by: Daniel Alfredson
Starring: Anthony Hopkins, Julia Stiles, Ray Liotta, Alexander Ludwig, Hal Holbrook
Release Date: June 10, 2016

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Watch the official movie trailer of Blackway below:


When The Game Stands Tall

When The Game Stands Tall MovieWhen The Game Stands Tall
Genre: Drama
Directed by: Thomas Carter
Starring: Jim Caviezel, Michael Chiklis, Alexander Ludwig, Clancy Brown, Laura Dern
Release Date: August 22, 2014

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Race To Witch Mountain Movie Trailer Leaked

Race To Witch Mountain Movie

Race to Witch Mountain is an upcoming sci-fi movie, remake of the original 1975 film Escape to Witch Mountain. This new version, using a script by Matt Lopez, is a modern re-imagining of the 1975 movie. The film is directed by Andy Fickman and is starring Dwayne Johnson, AnnaSophia Robb, Alexander Ludwig, Ciaran Hinds, and Carla Gugino. Race to Witch Mountain should be released in March 2009.

A bootleg trailer of Race To Witch Mountain has leaked online via Trailer Addict:

Update: Official Trailer of Race to Witch Mountain Released


Prepare for an adventure that’s out of this world.

Plot synopsis:
“A UFO expert enlists the help of a cab driver (Dwayne Johnson The Rock) to protect two siblings (AnnaSophia Robb and Alexander Ludwig) with paranormal powers from the clutches of Ciaran Hinds and his organization who want to use the kids for their nefarious plans.” (Source: IMDb)

An interesting sci-fi movie, even if Dwayne Johnson is quite unlikely in the role of a taxi driver turned nanny…