Andre benjamin

High Life (starring Robert Pattinson)

High Life (2018)
Genre: Science-Fiction
Directed by: Claire Denis
Starring: Robert Pattinson, Juliette Binoche, Andre Benjamin, Mia Goth
Release Date: April 12, 2019

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HIGH LIFE (2018)

Jimi All Is by My Side

Jimi All Is by My Side MovieJimi All Is by My Side
Genre: Biography/Drama
Directed by: John Ridley
Starring: Andre Benjamin, Imogen Poots, Adrian Lester, Burn Gorman, Hayley Atwell, Andrew Buckley, Ruth Negga
Release Date: September 26, 2014

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Semi Pro PosterSemi-Pro
Directed by Kent Alterman
Starring Will Ferrell, Woody Harrelson, Andre benjamin
Release Date: February 29, 2008

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“Three men, three dreams. It’s 1976 in Flint, Michigan. Jackie Moon’s American Basketball Association team languishes in last place, with few fans in the seats. Jackie dreams of a merger with the NBA. A tough-minded point guard named Monix is at the end of his career; he’s played on the champion Celtics but accepts a trade to Flint to be close to Lynn, the love of his life. Clarence “Coffee” Brown dreams of stardom: he’s the Tropics’ best player, but he’s a hotdog who doesn’t value teamwork. When the trio learns that a merger is in the works that won’t include the Tropics, they pull the team together to try to achieve the impossible. Can dreams come true in Flint?”