Android Uprising

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Android Uprising Movie Trailer

Android Uprising MovieYou may watch below the first official trailer of Android Uprising, the upcoming action science-fiction movie directed by Andrew Bellware based on a script by Steven J. Niles and starring Kate Britton, Julia Rae Maldonado, and Jared Van Heel:

Plot synopsis:
“After a devastating battle against an army of drones leaves Sergeant Barbara Slade paralyzed, her only chance for survival is to be placed inside an artificial, android body.
However, once inside a cybernetic unit, Slade’s identity is mistaken, leading her to a cell of antigovernment activists and to a mind-bending plan that threatens to destroy everything she has made sacrifices to protect.”

The android uprising is nigh… What will you do?

The release date of the movie Android Uprising is set to October 2, 2020 (on Digital and on VOD).

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