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Arise from Darkness Movie Trailer

Arise From Darkness MovieCheck out the trailer of Arise from Darkness, the upcoming thriller movie directed by La Raza, Zachary Laoutides and Mónica Esmeralda León based on a script by Zachary Laoutides and starring Zachary Laoutides and Mónica Esmeralda León, Emmanuel Isaac, and Samuel Younan:


Based on real events surrounding Lazaro Ruben Torres.
He has been clinically pronounced dead five times.
The voices you hear are recording from actual EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena)
from the Archdiocese in paranormal investigation and demonic possesion.

Plot synopsis:
“Based on the early events of psychic Lazaro Ruben Torres, clinically declared dead five times. Lazaro a neighborhood medium inherits psychic abilities after a tragedy visits him and his daughter leaving her dead. Lazaro is determined to develop his gift trying to reconnect with his daughter. In the process he discovers the man who killed her.”

Even death can’t stop him!

Two posters of the film:

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The release date of the movie Arise from Darkness is set to January 16, 2017.