At Your Own Risk

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At Your Own Risk movie

Three posters for At Your Own Risk, the upcoming adventure thriller movie directed by John K.D. Graham based on a script by Andrew Boylan and starring Helenna Santos and Alexandra Boylan:

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Your first treasure hunt may be your last.

Who do you trust?

Plot synopsis:
“Two career-driven women (Alexandra Boylan and Helenna Santos) are hired to test out a unique treasure hunt deep in the New Mexico desert. Their exciting adventure takes a drastic turn as friendship is tested and survival is pushed to the limit, and before long they realize that not everything is as it seems.”

Tanstafl, of course… There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch!

Besides Helenna Santos and Alexandra Boylan, the cast also includes Jeff Schroeder, Jodie l Panek, Chelsea Crockett, Lorena Segura York, Jaime Cano, Matteo Giglioni, Andrew Maiorano, Grace Napolitano, Joshua Charles Parker, Kaytra Parkman, Dellany Towne Peace, Bethany Peterson, Jael Polnaszek, Miranda Sajdak, Carlos Sepulveda, Deborah Lee Smith, Brooke Sullivan, and Brenden Wedner.

The film has yet to get an official release date.

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