Bangkok Dangerous

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Bangkok Dangerous Nicolas Cage Uses A Gun And Kills!

Bangkok Dangerous With Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage is interpreting the role of a hitman in Bangkok Dangerous but refuses to appear with a gun in his hand on posters…. The preview clip below features Nicolas Cage waiting for his next target: Continue reading »

Bangkok Dangerous With Nicolas Cage Featurette

Bangkok Dangerous American Remake Movie of a Thai Movie

A new featurette of Bangkok Dangerous, the upcoming action movie starring Nicolas Cage, has shown up online:

Bangkok Dangerous Featurette

Bangkok is not that much dangerous in real…. Even with the current political turmoil it is still safer than the Orange County actually. But Nicolas Cage and Hollywood have a few tricks!

Bangkok Dangerous Preview

Nicolas Cage in Bangkok Dangerous, a remake of the Thai movie of the same name.

Here below the latest Bangkok Dangerous preview clip featuring Nicolas Cage trying to escape from two Thai hitmen:

Bangkok Dangerous Clip

In a storehouse in Bangkok, Thailand.

Do you think we will see Nicolas Cage hanging out in gogo bars in Bangkok Dangerous?

Bangkok Dangerous with Nicolas Cage Thailand Poster

It could be hard to sell the remake of a Thai movie in Thailand. But a movie starring Nicolas Cage is worth the few bahts one may spend for it, even if it is a remake! Nonetheless, the marketing team behind Bangkok Dangerous tries also to benefit from the presence of Thai actors in the cast:
(Click on the poster to enlarge it.)

Bangkok Dangerous Poster

Bangkok Dangerous Thai Poster

This poster of bangkok Dangerous is indeed the first to see other people (Thai people here) than Nicolas Cage.

Bangkok Dangerous All In The Execution Poster

Nicolas Cage has bought the right for a remake of a Thai movie first directed by the Pang brothers. Bangkok Dangerous features a hitman who breaks the one rule he should never have forgotten: love isn’t something for hitmen!

Here below the latest Bangkok Dangerous poster:
(Click on a picture to enlarge it.)

Bangkok Dangerous
Nicolas Cage

It’s all in the execution!

A lot more waiting for you at: Bangkok Dangerous

I saw the original movie: it was a real masterpiece. But I’m quite confident that Nicolas Cage movie will be at least as good as the Thai movie if not better!

Bangkok Dangerous Nicolas Cage Falls In Love In Asia

Nicolas Cage in Bangkok DangerousIn Bangkok Dangerous Nicolas Cage plays the role of a hitman break the one rule he had by falling in love with a cute Asian local.

Nicolas Cage
Shahkrit Yamnarm

Watch the teaser trailer on: Bangkok Dangerous

No one would wonder that even a hitman would fall in love with such a cute girl (Shahkrit Yamnarm)!

Bangkok Dangerous New Trailer

Bangkok DangerousA second trailer has been released for Bangkok Dangerous:

Bangkok Dangerous Second Trailer

Nicolas Cage is quite credible in this role of hitman!

Bangkok Dangerous Trailer in English

Bangkok DangerousThe trailer of Bangkok Dangerous, upcoming movie starring Nicolas Cage as a hitman, has finally been released in its English version:

More info at: Bangkok Dangerous Trailer

Some nice bullet effects in Bangkok Dangerous by Nicolas Cage!

Bangkok Dangerous New Poster

A new poster, which zooms on Nicolas Cage face, is available for Bangkok Dangerous, Nicolas Cage’s upcoming hitman movie

More posters at: Bangkok Dangerous Poster

Nicolas Cage is this kind of man who despite being somewhat ugly is still handsome!