Batman Gotham Knight

The movie Batman Gotham Knight: trailer, clips, photos, soundtrack, news and much more!

Batman Gotham Knight Previews

The Dark Knight in Batman Gotham KnightThree preview clips of the upcoming animated short-film anthology Batman Gotham Knight are waiting for you at:

Batman Gotham Knight Preview Clips

This straight-to-DVD release will be helpful to wait for the Dark Knight. Batman Gotham Knight is indeed awesome by itself, check this intense crossfire clip to be convinced:


I supose you’re going to order your Batman Gotham Knight DVD, aren’t you?

Batman Gotham Knight Making Of

A making-of featurette for Batman Gotham Knight is available at:

Batman Gotham Knight Featurette

The mixx between traditional American cartoon and manga is explosive!

Batman Gotham Knight Anthology of Six Mangas

Batman Gotham Night is an anthology of six short mangas (six short Japanese-style animated films if you prefer). Skilled Japanese manga directors have cooperated with American scriptwriters to bring us an amazing brand new Batman experience. More details about the six films at:

Batman Gotham Knight Six Short Films

Batman Gotham Night recounts the life of Batman between the two movies made by Christopher Nolan: so it fills the gap between Batman Begins and the upcoming Dark Knight.

Batman Gotham Knight Plenty of Pictures

Have a look to a batch of pictures from Batman Gotham Knight, upcoming manga-like movie featuring the life of Bruce Wayne / Batman between the two movies Christopher Nolan’s reboot movie series.

Check them at:

Batman Gotham Knight Pictures

Batman Gotham Knight is an anthology of six short films directed by skilled Japanese manga directors, hence the Akira fashion.

Batman Gotham Knight Trailer

Batman is really angry! He's getting dark! ;-pBatman Gotham Knight is an upcoming animated anthology which aims at explaining what happens between Batman Begins and the upcoming Dark Knight.

Watch the latest teaser trailer of Batman Gotham Knight at:

Batman Gotham Knight Official Trailer

I like the manga style they chose for those Batman short films.

Batman Gotham Knight Direct To DVD

With all the craze about the upcoming Dark Knight one may almost miss the news about Batman Gotham Knight direct to DVD release on July 8, 2008.

Batman Gotham Knight fills the gap between Batman Begins and the Dark Knight. It’s an anthology of six short animated films made by renowned Japanese manga directors in the spirit of the Animatrix.

Learn more about this Batman movie at:

Batman Gotham Knight in July 2008

I wonder why they have decided to release it directly to DVD. Would have been nice to watch in a theater on a big screen. I hope there will be a special screening in my theater one day.

Batman Gotham Knight

Batman Gotham Knight
Directed by Yasuhiro Aoki, Futoshi Higashide, Toshiyuki Kubooka, Hiroshi Morioka, Jong-Sik Nam, Shoujirou Nishimi
Starring Kevin Conroy, Gary Dourdan, David McCallum, Parminder Nagra, Ana Ortiz
Release Date: July 8, 2008

More Information at: Batman Gotham Knight