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Bent Movie Trailer

Bent Movie 2018Check out the official trailer of Bent, the upcoming pulse-pounding thriller movie written and directed by Bobby Moresco and starring Karl Urban, Sofia Vergara, Grace Byers, and Andy Garcia:

Plot synopsis:
“When a drug bust goes wrong, ex-cop Danny Gallagher’s (Karl Urban) quest for justice leads him to the car-bomb murder of a government official’s wife. As Gallagher learns the woman’s secret lover was a seductive federal agent (Sofia Vergara), he finds himself under fire. But from who — his own cops, a vengeful drug lord, the CIA, or someone even more ruthless?”

Well, Sofia Vergara sure makes for a sexy federal agent. I’d love to share a shower with her, lol!

A first official poster has also been unveiled, take a look below:

(Click on the poster to enlarge.)

Bent Movie Poster

Corruption has its own set of rules.

The release date of the movie Bent is set to March 9, 2018 (in select theaters and on VOD).

Stay tuned for updates.

Bent Movie

Two pictures from the set of Bent, the upcoming thriller movie directed by Robert Moresco and starring Karl Urban, SofĂ­a Vergara, Andy Garcia, Grace Byers, Vincent Spano, Marco Pancrazi, Matthew T. Reynolds, and Pat Asanti:

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Plot synopsis:
“A powerful action/suspense/thriller in the classic noir tradition. It’s the redemptive tale of Danny Gallagher (Karl Urban), a shamed and discredited narcotics detective who, upon his release from prison, makes plans to seek revenge on the accuser who framed him and killed his partner. In seeking out the truth of what happened the night his partner was killed, and he was framed, Gallagher investigates the mysterious car bomb murder of a local bookie’s sister. Gallagher soon discovers that the murder is connected to an elaborate conspiracy involving high-stakes treason with major international implications.”

Does Karl Urban look good with that beard?

The film has yet to get an official release date.

Stay tuned with us for more details about the movie Bent.


Bent MovieBent
Genre: Thriller
Directed by: Robert Moresco
Starring: Karl Urban, SofĂ­a Vergara, Andy Garcia, Grace Byers, Vincent Spano, Marco Pancrazi, Matthew T. Reynolds, Pat Asanti
Release Date: TBA 2017

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