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Blindness Movie Poster

Director Fernando Meirelles has been working on Blindness, a thriller movie based on a novel by Portuguese writer Jose Saramago.

Here below the latest Blindness poster:
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In a world gone blind, what if you were the only person who could see?


Have a look to: Blindness Trailer

This poster is a bit creepy…

Chris Boyd
It reminds me of a stunning video made by Chris Boyd showing undulating nudes becoming a spiraling galaxy:

Don’t have bad dreams after watching it!

Blindness Character Posters

Five black and white character posters have been unveiled a few days ago for Blindness, upcoming movie directed by Fernando Meirelles:
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Julianne Moore - Blindness

Danny Glover - Blindness Gael Garcia Bernal - Blindness
Mark Ruffalo - Blindness Alice Braga - Blindness

Love is blind,
Hope is blind,
Trust is blind,
Faith is blind,
Lust is blind…

Blindness Trailer

Can you imagine the disaster it would be if New York would be plagued by such an epidemic of blindness! Scary just to imagine!

Blindness New International Trailer

BlindnessDirector Fernando Meirelles has adapted the novel of Jose Saramago to the cinema. Check the latest international trailer of blindness at:

Blindness International Trailer

An epidemic of blindness would more than destructive for our civilization… Let’s pray for it to never happen!

Blindness New Poster

Director Fernando Meirelles is coming up with Blindness, a new movie based on the novel of the same name by Nobel Laureate Jose Saramago. A new Blindness poster has been unveiled:
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Blindness Movie PosterYour vision of the world will change forever.


Julianne Moore is a cute woman. In Blindness her character is the only one immune to an epidemic of blindness that suddenly plagues a city…

Blindness International Poster

Check this international poster of Blindness, upcoming movie directed by Fernando Meirelles:
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Blindness Trailer

This Blindness poster is actually from Japan.

Blindness Batch of Pictures

BlindnessCheck some pictures of Blindness, an upcoming thriller / drama movie by Brazilian director Fernando Meirelles, at:

Blindness Pictures

Can you imagine what nightmare an epidemic of blindness would be? Scary horizon…

Blindness Preview

BlindnessDirector Fernando Meirelles finally get his hands on the movie rights of Blindness, the novel by Nobel Laureate Jose Saramago.

The movie is slated for a September 2008 release.

Two previews clips of Blindness wait for you at:

Blindness Preview Clips

My building ran out of electricity today. I had to go out and tried the stairs: unfortunately it was all dark, no light at all! Going down 15 stories in obscurity, what a nightmare: when I’ll go watch Blindness, I won’t feel at ease…

Blindness Official Trailer

BlindnessYou may watch the official trailer of Blindness, upcoming movie by

Blindness First Trailer

I would be really scared if I’d became blind…

Blindness Official Poster

The official poster of Blindness, an upcoming movie by Director Fernando Meirelles:
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Blindness Official Poster

Blindness Poster

The movie is based on a novel by Portuguese writer Jose Saramago.


Blindness PosterBlindness
Directed by Fernando Meirelles
Starring Julianne Moore, Mark Ruffalo
Release Date: September 12, 2008

More Information at: Blindness