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The Boss Baby 2 Movie Trailer

The Boss Baby 2 Family Business Movie (2021) - (from left) The Boss Baby/Ted Templeton (Alec Baldwin) and young Tim Templeton (James Marsden) in DreamWorks Animation's The Boss Baby: Family Business, directed by Tom McGrath.You may watch below the first official trailer of The Boss Baby 2 aka The Boss Baby Family Business, the upcoming animated movie sequel directed by Tom McGrath:

Plot synopsis:
“In the sequel to DreamWorks Animation’s Oscar-nominated blockbuster comedy, the Templeton brothers — Tim (James Marsden) and his Boss Baby little bro Ted (Alec Baldwin) — have become adults and drifted away from each other. Tim is now a married stay-at-home dad. Ted is a hedge fund CEO. But a new boss baby with a cutting-edge approach and a can-do attitude is about to bring them together again … and inspire a new family business.
Tim and his wife, Carol (Eva Longoria), the breadwinner of the family, live in the suburbs with their super-smart 7-year-old daughter Tabitha (Ariana Greenblatt), and adorable new infant Tina (Amy Sedaris). Tabitha, who’s at the top her class at the prestigious Acorn Center for Advanced Childhood, idolizes her Uncle Ted and wants to become like him, but Tim, still in touch with his overactive youthful imagination, worries that she’s working too hard and is missing out on a normal childhood.
When baby Tina reveals that she’s — ta-da! — a top-secret agent for BabyCorp on a mission to uncover the dark secrets behind Tabitha’s school and its mysterious founder, Dr. Erwin Armstrong (Jeff Goldblum), it will reunite the Templeton brothers in unexpected ways, lead them to re-evaluate the meaning of family and discover what truly matters.
Lisa Kudrow and Jimmy Kimmel also reprise their roles as Ted and Tim’s parents.”

Boomers better be ready: the baby revolution is upon us, hell yeah!

Anyway, a new film poster has also been unveiled, take a look below:

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Playtime is over!

The voice cast includes Alec Baldwin, James Marsden, Amy Sedaris, Jeff Goldblum, Ariana Greenblatt, Eva Longoria, Jimmy Kimmel, and Lisa Kudrow.

The release date of the movie The Boss Baby 2 Back in Business is set to September 17, 2021 (in theaters).

Stay tuned with us for more details.

Boss Baby 2 Movie

Have you The Boss Baby yet? Well there’s a sequel ahead of us! Yep, Dreamwoks Animation is indeed moving forward with a new installment, so get ready for The Boss Baby 2! They even released this official teaser poster:

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The Boss Baby 2 Movie

Tom McGrath will likely return to helm the sequel, but that’s not confirmed yet. Alec Baldwin will be returning to voice the titular character though.

Do you have any suggestion regarding the plot of The Boss Baby 2? Should the film focus on the two little girls we saw at the end of the first film? Tell us in the comments below!

The film has yet to get an official release date.

Stay tuned with us for more details about the movie The Boss Baby 2.

Boss Baby 2

Boss Baby 2 MovieBoss Baby 2
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