Bunny and the Bull

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Bunny and the Bull Movie Trailer

Here’s the movie trailer of Bunny and the Bull, a psychedelic British comedy movie directed by Paul King:

“Bunny & the Bull is a road movie set entirely in a flat. Stephen Turnbull hasn’t been outside in months. Living with a painfully restrictive routine, he refuses to interact with the world or think about the past. When a sudden infestation of mice forces him to change his ways, he finds his mind hurtling back to the disastrous trek around Europe he undertook with his friend Bunny, a womanising, gambling-addicted booze-hound.

Unable to stem the flood of memories, Stephen’s flat becomes the springboard for an extraordinary odyssey through landscapes made up of snapshots and souvenirs, from the industrial wastelands of Silesia to the bull fields of Andalusia. A story of love, disillusionment, stuffed bears and globalised seafood, Bunny & the Bull is an offbeat and heartfelt journey to the end of the room.”

– Edward Hogg as Stephen Turnbull
– Simon Farnaby as Bunny
– VerĂłnica Echegui as Eloisa
– Noel Fielding as Alcoholic ex-matador
– Richard Ayoade as Dull tour-guide
– Julian Barratt as Dog-loving tramp

Alice in Wonderland looks tame compared to Bunny and the Bull! Those two are living in a crazy world of memories and dreams.

Bunny and the Bull

Bunny and the Bull MovieBunny and the Bull
Genre: Comedy
Directed by: Paul King
Starring: Edward Hogg, Simon Farnaby, Veronica Echegui
Release Date: November 27, 2009

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