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Burning Cane movie

A first official look at Burning Cane, the upcoming drama movie written and directed by Phillip Youmans and starring Wendell Pierce, Karen Kaia Livers, Dominique McClellan, and Braelyn Kelly:

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Burning Cane MovieByurning Cane

Plot synopsis;
“Amongst the cane fields of rural Louisiana, an aging mother struggles between her religious convictions and the love of her son.”

She should let go of religion, family first!

There’s also a teaser poster:

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Burning Cane Teaser Poster

The film has yet to get an official release date.

Stay tuned with us for more details about the movie Burning Cane.

Update – Another plot synopsis reads as follows:
“A worried mother (Karen Kaia Livers) caring for her mange-ridden family dog; her unemployed, alcoholic son (Dominique McClellan) and the wife (Emyri Crutchfield) who supports him; and a preacher (Wendell Pierce) whose wife’s recent death has pushed him toward the bottle are a few of the characters who make up the beautifully rich world of Southeastern Louisiana in Phillip Youmans’ extraordinary debut feature, Burning Cane. The poetic lyricism of the film’s handheld camerawork calls to mind a Terrence Malick-like interest in the influence of place on the people who inhabit it, and how deeply the beauty of the natural world can contrast with the brutality of human acts. As one of the principal embodiments of this contradiction, Pierce gives a powerful performance as the preacher who is struggling to both help his flock as well as himself. ”