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Caprica Canceled

SyFy has decided, out of the blue, to cancel the TV series Caprica, and it’s effective immediately, so no episode of Caprica next week…

“Unfortunately, despite its obvious quality, Caprica has not been able to build the audience necessary to justify a second season.”

Mark Stern, programming head at Syfy

Fortunately fans will still be able to watch the 5 unaired episodes of Caprica: Season 1.5 of Caprica will indeed be coming to DVD on December 21st, 2010.

Caprica Blowback

Caprica Season 1 Episode 14Here’s a sneak peek at “Blowback”, the next episode of Caprica :

Caprica S1.14 – Blowback

Caprica S1x14 Blowback
“Lacy’s journey to Gemenon turns into a race against the clock.”

I do like Caprica, but like BSG, the overall plot is weakened by too much religious stuff… Anyway, still a damn entertaining show!

Caprica False Labor

CapricaLet’s watch the trailer of “False Labor”, the next episode of Caprica:

Caprica Season 1 Episode 13 – False Labor

And also three preview clips:

Caprica S1.13 – A breakthrough technology from Graystone Industries

Caprica S1.13 – Get us out of here!

Caprica S1.13 – Someone’s idea of a joke

Caprica S1x13 False Labor
“Political troubles on tauron put Sam’s life in danger”

That cylon is going to open fire!

Caprica Things We Lock Away

CapricaWe’ve got our hands the promo trailer of “Things We Lock Away”, the next episode of Caprica:

Caprica Season 1 Episode 12

And also two clips:

Caprica S1.12 – Zoe Graystone’s avatar is ready to fight

Caprica S1.12 – Daniel Graystone is talking with Tomas Vergis

Caprica S1x12 Things We Lock Away
“This episode will not leave you short of entertained as battles are fought, conflict ensues, threats are thrown, and ties of loyalty are cut. You’ll have to watch to find out if there’s a solution to all the fraking chaos.”

Lines of loyalty have been drawn. Where do you stand?

Caprica Season 1.5 Trailer

Caprica Season 1.5SyFy has released a new trailer of Caprica Season 1.5:


There 9 new episodes of Caprica ahead:

Caprica S1x10 – Unvanquished
Caprica S1x11 – Retribution
Caprica S1x12 – Things We Lock Away
Caprica S1x14 – Blowback
Caprica S1x15 – The Dirteaters
Caprica S1x16 – The Heavens Will Rise
Caprica S1x17 – Here Be Dragons
Caprica S1x18 – Apotheosis

Caprica will be back on SyFy beginning January 2011.