Cardinal Matter

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Cardinal Matter Movie trailer

Cardinal Matter movieCheck out the official trailer of Cardinal Matter, the upcoming action crime thriller movie directed by Madeline Puzzo based on a script by Thomas Major and starring Zac Titus, Kelsey Crane, Matthew Stannah, Tim Parrish, Olivia Jordan, and Seth Fowler:

Plot synopsis:
“Austin Blum (Zac Titus) comes to a small Wyoming town looking for work and to reconnect with his cousin Hunter (Seth Fowler). He soon finds that Hunter’s criminal actions have drawn a great deal of unwanted attention.
Before long, Austin is being pursued by law enforcement and a hitman executing a deadly corporate cover-up. Rural life clashes with high-technology as Austin seeks to clear his own name and deliver justice.”

And a few posters::

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Any idea what could possibly be in that case? Anyway, don’t forget that you have to be flexible!

There’s no official release date yet.