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Caught Movie Trailer

Caught movie 2018You may watch below the official trailer of Cuaght, the upcoming horror movie directe dby Jamie Patterson and starring Cian Barry, Ruben Crow, Aaron Davis, Dave Mounfield, April Pearson, and Mickey Sumner:


Uninvited guests hiding a deadly secret.

You cannot run when there’s no escape!

You cannot kill what is not alive…

Plot synopsis:
“The story of a journalist couple who invite a man and woman into their idyllic village home, but what begins with an informal interview descends into a nightmarish fight for survival.”

Looks like those alien monsters are decaying quite fast, maybe there is still hope this poor family…

Anyway, there’s also a new film poster:

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Caught Movie Poster

Terror has arrived.

The release date of the movie Caught is set to March 30, 2018 (in theaters, On Demand and Digital HD).

Stay tuned for updates.

Caught Movie

A few posters for Caught, the upcoming horror thriller movie directed by Jamie Patterson based on a script by Dave Allsop and Alex Francis and starring April Pearson, Mickey Sumner, Cian Barry, Ruben Crow, David Mounfield, Aaron Davis, and baby Regan Brown:

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Caught Movie Banner

Terror has arrived!

Plot synopsis:
“While on an afternoon walk with their children, two small town reporters notice the military camped on a hilltop. Debating the possible significance of this activity, they answer their door when two unusual strangers come knocking and find themselves held hostage in their own home. What follows is a nightmarish fight for survival.”

Are those two white-clad people actually aliens from outer space?

Anyway, there’s also a batch of pictures from the film:

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The film has yet to get an official release date.

Stay tuned with us for more details about the movie Caught.