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Cloverfield Alternate Endings

Alternate endings are trendy, and J.J. Abrams movie follows the trend with two new Cloverfield alternate endings.

You may watch them at:

Cloverfield Alternate Ending

So if J.J. Abrams get into this alternate ending fashion, we are going to take bets on how many alternate endings there will be for Star Trek


Cloverfield PosterCloverfield
Action/Science Fiction/Thriller
Directed by M. Night Shyamalan
Starring Michael Stahl-David, Odette Yustman, Mike Vogel
Release Date: January 18, 2008

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Plot synopsis:
“Cloverfield follows five New Yorkers from the perspective of a hand-held video camera. The movie is exactly the length of a DV Tape and a sub-plot is established by showing bits and pieces of video previously recorded on the tape that is being recorded over. The movie starts as a monster of unknown origin destroys a building. As they go to investigate, parts of the building and the head of the Statue of Liberty come raining down. The movie follows their adventure trying to escape and save a friend, a love interest of the main character.”