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College Restricted Clip

College Best Week End Ever

A new hilarious restricted clip (a bit sweet and sour though…) has been released for the comedy College:

College New Restricted Trailer


Best Week End Ever!

Hello sleepy…

He would be lucky to get laid by such a cute girl!

College Red Band Clips

Too much party... gives hangover... - CollegeTwo hilarious restricted preview clips of the upcoming comedy College, Best Week Ebd Ever, are waiting for you at:

College Preview Clips

University is a time to experience new things, isn’t?
Do it!

Some really funny scenes in this movie: I can but recommend to go watch College!

College Restricted Trailer

College After-PartyA funny restricted trailer of College is available at:

College Red Band Trailer

College is about a group of young males from college who are over-dreaming about life at university and sneak into a visit event to enjoy the pleasure of university life.

College Movie Pictures

College movieTwo stills from the movie College at:

College Pictures

Not a highly expected comedy but a movie that we may enjoy for real!

College Official Poster

College sucks...The official poster of the upcoming comedy College stink, no doubt about that:

College Poster

By the way why does the best week end ever mean to get drunk?

College Trailer

Remember when you were younger and was craving to get laid for the first time of your life? A funny period of your life, wasn’t it?

College about three young guys boosted with lustful energy who are going through the same episode.

Watch the College trailer at:

College Official trailer

Watching College is somehow rejuvenating: no joking!


College PosterCollege
Directed by Deb Hagan
Starring Drake Bell, Andrew Caldwell, Ryan Pinkston, Kevin Covais, Nick Zano, Zach Cregger, Gary Owen, Haley Bennett, Camille Mana, Mayay Williams, Nathalie Walker
Release Date: August 29, 2008

More Information at: College Trailer