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Consumption Movie Trailer

consumption movieCheck out the official trailer of Consumption, the upcoming horror movie written and directed by Brandon Scullion and starring Sarah Greyson, Arielle Brachfeld, David Lautman, Chris Dorman, Myles Cranford, and Maria Olsen:

Plot synopsis:
“A group of friends travel to the snowy Utah mountains for a weekend retreat. One brings with him a dark secret that could destroy their lives forever. As they prepare to face an ancient secret buried in the woods outside their winter resort, an unstoppable evil begins to grow, consuming them one by one.”

And here’s a poster:

(Click on the poster to enlarge.)


Evil is eternal.

Why did the girl turn into some monster? Is she possessed? Anyway, bloody creepy!

The release date of the movie Consumption is set to July 26, 2016 (straight to DVD and VOD).