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Dara of Jasenovac Movie trailer

Dara Of Jasenovac MovieCheck out the official US trailer of Dara of Jasenovac, the upcoming drama movie directed by Predrag Antonijevic based on a script by Natasa Drakulic and starring Biljana Cekic, Anja Stanic, Zlatan Vidovic, Luka Saranovic, Jakov Saranovic, Simon Saranovic, Sandra Ljubojevic, Nikola Radulj, Rajko Lukac, Vesna Kljajic Ristovic, Nikolina Friganovic, Igor Dordevic, Natasa Ninkovic, and Marko Pipic:

Plot synopsis:
“Set in 1940s Croatia, DARA OF JASENOVAC follows 10-year-old Dara (Biljana Cekic) as she comes face-to-face with the horrors of the Holocaust-era after she, her mother and siblings are sent to the concentration camp complex known as Jasenovac. Considered one of the most overlooked parts of history, Jasenovac is not run by the Germans but by the fascist Ustase who brutally murdered Jews, Serb and Roma people, which included many women and children. As unspeakable atrocities start to unfold, Dara must summon tremendous courage to protect her infant brother from a terrible fate while she safeguards her own survival and plots a precarious path toward freedom.”

We humans don’t need the devil to do evil things… Let’s hope the little girl will make it out alive…

There are also two film posters, take a look below:

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Dara Of Jasenovac Film Poster

The human spirit will not be erased.

The film is Serbia’s official submission for the 2020-21 Academy Awards.

The release date of the movie Dara of Jasenovac is set to February 5, 202 (in select theaters).

Stay tuned with us for more details.

Update – A clip from the film:

Dara of Jasenovac – Tell Them She Will Come Back